© Hannelore Van Dijck, Untitleld, houtskool op papier, 29,7 x 21 cm (2012)

Hannelore Van Dijck (°1986, Wuustwezel) woont en werkt in Berlijn en Wuustwezel. Ze is verbonden aan Galerie Zink, waar ze onder de titel Wenn sich der Nebel hebt in 2013 voor het eerst solo tentoonstelde. Daarnaast toonde ze onder andere werk in Voorkamer, Croxhapox en BePart. Ze maakt houtskooltekeningen waarin ze binnen het nauwe contact met het materiaal zoekt naar ruimtelijkheid, licht, structuren en tastbaarheid.

 © Hannelore Van Dijck, Untitled, houtskool op papier, 42 x 29,7 cm (2012)

In 2012 publiceerde Posture Editions So grün war mein Tal, een boek dat een selectie van haar in situ tekeningen bijeenbracht. Deze tekeningen zijn tijdelijke installaties die de architectuur betrekken en herdefiniëren. Al tekenend probeert ze een nieuwe plaats te creëren en een nieuwe duiding te geven aan de oorspronkelijke locatie. 

© Hannelore Van Dijck, Untitled, houtskool op papier, diptiek 100 x 70 cm & 100 x 70 cm

 © Hannelore Van Dijck, Le Plat Pays, in situ houtskooltekening (2012)

 © Hannelore Van Dijck,Rain, in situ houtskooltekening (2011)

© Hannelore Van Dijck, Sea, in situ houtskooltekening (2012)

Benjamin Monti is a young artist, living and working in Liège. He is represented by Galerie Nadja Vilenne. His work has been widely exhibited internationally. He recently had an exhibition at Le musée lanchelevici in La Louvière. Monti situates his own work “at the crossroads of text, graphic art and the fine arts."

 © courtesy Galerie Nadja Vilenne, Sans titre (méduse), encre de chine sur papier trouvé, 22,7 x 14,5 cm (2010)

Monti's work explores dialogues between drawing and text in the form of the graphic novel or private diary. His drawings can be seen as “suspended moments”, as fragments from stories in progress.A specialist at recycling images, he takes human beings, beast and plants out of their original context and inserts them back into the realm of the paper as strange, weightless figurants.

Sint Lucas Antwerp, Kerkstraat 45
2014, Wednesday March 19 
18:30, free entry

Andy Hope 1930

 © Andy Hope & Hauser & Wirth, Medley 6Acrylic on canvasboard, 60 x 60 cm / 23 5/8 x 23 5/8 in (2011)

Hope is inspired by superheroes from the Golden and Siver Age of Comics. Futuristic objects as spaceships, laser beams and fantastic uniforms are part of his oeuvre. Flash Gordon, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are part of his world. 

© Andy Hope & Hauser & Wirth, Medley 14, Acrylic on canvasboard60 x 60 cm / 23 5/8 x 23 5/8 in (2011)

© Andy Hope & Hauser & Wirth, Medley 11, Acrylic on Canvasboard, 60 x 60 cm / 23 5/8 x 23 5/8 in (2011)

Leen Voet starts her lecture with the words: 
I will show 142 images. I love completeness. In that sense I am a freak. 

© Leen Voet, Jardin Gregoire Drawing, pencil on paper, H 21 x W 29,7 cm (2006)

Sometimes she was working on a A4-drawing for 6 hours. To draw was a method to visualize her future paintings and to think intensively. She filled every piece of the compositions with a unique hatching. 

© Leen Voetdrawings by Leen Voet, published by Grotto & Grafische Cel, designed by Michael Bussaer & Inge Ketelers, supported by research Fund Sint-Lucas Visual Arts Ghent, 775 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, b/w offset on Munken Lynx (2012)

Sometimes she hated the work of Felix, the empty gaze in his self-portraits. She underestimated the impact of exclusively drawing his work for two years. She lived almost the life of someone else via his work. After all she made 1 drawing of each of the 774 works of Felix De Boeck the museum sent her. The works were made respecting the same proportions as the works of De Boeck. In the first drawings the graphite was darker. Sometimes a drawing was made very quickly, sometimes painfully slowly.  

© Leen Voet, FELIX, Series of 774 drawings, pencil on A4 paper (2009-2010)

© Leen Voet, series of 11 drawings after logos of art colleges, color pencil on A4 paper (2012)

© Leen Voet, SINT-RITA, Jesus Arbeider, Sint-Rita, Sint-Alena, Sint-Bartholomeus, Sint-Pius X, series of 5 paintings on wooden tripods, oil on unstretched canvas, H 216 x W 168 cm (2012-2013)